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Black TSA Padlock

Grey TSA Padlock


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TSA combination padlock to seal your suitcase cover on your luggage. Travel safely.

TSA ACCEPTED allows security authorities to unlock your suitcase cover without damaging it.

Programmable 3 digits combination.

Protects your bag thanks to its resitant components
- diecast 30 mm frame
- 3mm diameter steel shackle
- shackle clearence height: 19mm

Model: TSA-523


When traveling by plane, it is essential that you can secure your suitcase covers on your luggage.
The BibeliB TSA padlock is provided for this purpose. It allows you to completely seal your cover on your suitcase, protecting completely the suitcase and its contents from unwanted glances that may occur during the way from the terminal to the plane.

Designed to secure your suitcase cover while remaining compact and discreet, the BibeliB TSA padlock is resistant thanks to its components:
- diecast 30 mm frame
- 3mm diameter steel
- shackle clearence height: 19mm

The BibeliB TSA padlock is TSA ACCEPTED which allows security authorities to unlock your suitcase cover without damaging it (TSA model 523).
Inspectors of the Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) and the staff of airport check-in counters are trained to recognize the Travel Sentry logo. They know that luggage with padlocks with this logo are authorized to remain closed.
TSA inspectors have access to special codes allowing them to open the padlock if it is necessary to inspect the inside of the luggage. With Travel Sentry Approved Locks, TSA can inspect the luggage more quickly and without having to cut the lock.

The BibeliB TSA padlock is a 3 digits combination lock for ease of use (no need to carry keys on the go).

You can change your personal code as many times as you like. By default your resettable combination padlock is set to open with 0-0-0.

To change your personal padlock combination, you must:
1. Turn the padlock wheels and align the numbers 0-0-0 on so that each number is clearly visible.
2. Pull the shackle up and rotated 90° in the counterclockwise direction, setting it in front of domed portion of the padlock frame.
3. Press the shackle down to the bottom and hold it while turning the padlock wheels to select your new combination.
4. Return the shackle to its original position. Your new personal combination is now ready for use.

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