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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

History, Brand

Q What is the history of BibeliB ? Who are we ?
Q What are the values of BibeliB Brand ?

Warranty, Products

Q What guarantees are offered on BibeliB products ?
Q Is the guarantee of BibeliB travel accessories international ?

Products Features, Products Collection

Q Why use a suitcase cover BibeliB ?
Q What kind of case is it possible to equip with BibeliB cover ?
Q What are the technical specifications of the BibeliB cover ?
Q When the BibeliB collections are developed and by whom ?
Q Can I customize my cover ?
Q How to maintain my BibeliB cover, is my cover washable ?


Q Where can I buy BibeliB products ?
Q How to order a product ?
Q How to market my BibeliB products to my friends ?

Prices, Means of Payment

Q What is the price of a BibeliB suitcase cover ?
Q What are the means of payment ?
Q What are the means of payment ?

Deadlines, Shipping Costs

Q What are the delivery costs and time ?

Return Conditions

Q Is there a retract period ? What are the conditions for return ?

Activation, Manual

Q How to activate the BibeliB cover ?
Q Is there an instruction manual to thread his BibeliB cover ? And then store it ?

Insurance, Loss of suitcase

Q In addition to the traceability system, the BibeliB cover also offers a lost luggage insurance, what is the meaning of this coverage ?
Q What can I do if I lose my suitcase equipped with a BibeliB cover ?