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The BibeliB cover: a modern and innovative concept.





BibeliB’s cover comes from a basic observation: Why still paying 10€/flight to put a plastic film roll that I can use only once?What are the alternatives solutions? None so far.BibeliB’s cover is a substitution’s product. Made up of a technical alloy of polyester and Lycra that brings strength and elasticity, the cover fits most of trolley’s suitcases. On top of that it offers you a 1.5m² free surface to display any message using the technique of digital sublimation printing




  8 good reasons to choose BibeliB's cover:




Protect your bag against small damages and scratches.



It protects your luggage against water and other liquids.


Thanks to its trendy visuals, no more confusion on the delivery it’s your suitcase!



It pays for itself on the second trip and is washable. It can be reused.



The cover is fitted or removed within 30 seconds.



The stretch fabric fits on most cargo bags



On your bag it provides a dissuasive barrier again theft (the thief has no more than 20 seconds to undo the cover, open the bag, close it and put the cover back on).



Substitution product for the plastic film roll


  How to use ? An easy, quick and intuitive utilisation


  Name tag and packaging :




BibeliB covers come with a name tag in order to identify you in case of luggage loss


Each cover is conditioned in its eco-friendly packaging, 100% Biodegradable. Once removed, the cover folds back on itself and forms a pocket that can accommodate your personal belongings.







  Manufacturing : 


The BibeliB cover is mainly produced in Asia according to a strict and drastic specification. An internationally recognized research lab has certified our product in quality, strength and waterproof property.
For all its production sites, BibeliB requires from its manufacturers a social audit report certifying compliance with the laws in force and quality of production in terms of labor’s regulations.




Digital sublimation printing.

Basically, all our covers are printed using the technique of digital sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is a printing process wherein the ink is "transferred by evaporation of the pigment’s color " in the fabric (sublimed). Sublimation printing is the latest printing technology and delivers superior print quality. Even the smallest details can be printed using this technique.

The colors are not affected by washing, and cannot disappear regardless of the tissue in which they were printed. We print our fabric "from the roll" which in turn allows us to offer unlimited options in terms of size. This printing technique allows us not to be limited in the number of colors that are used by visual and provides a bigger printing surface than other printing techniques.